Are you looking to book your test but don’t know where to start? Look no further. We can get you moving with some tips and links to get this exciting process moving forward. firstly you will have had to pass your theory test, (but you knew that right?) if you haven’t passed your theory yet or are waiting to take your test, you can practice using a mock online test here. This mock theory test is a free online resource so please take advantage of this great resource.

After you have passed your theory and you’re confident and ready, you can then start the process of booking your practical test here. This link is the official government link needed to book your practical driving test. In order to get your practical booked in you will need to have:

  • Passport
  • Debit/ credit card

Once you have completed the online application and been given a date, you can then give the dates to us the instructor and then move towards getting you prepped and ready for the date.


What to expect on your test

The standard outlay for taking your driving test has altered a few times over the years but it usually has a regular format that currently consists of a few things. Firstly, arriving at your given test center in good time is always a great starting point. You will need to check in with your documents, greeted bu your driving test examiner who will then ask you some practical short tests questions before your practical test which usually include:


The Eye Test

This test is a brief instruction for your to view and recite a number plate on a parked vehicle from a distance of roughly 20 yards. This is to test you can read a number at a safe distance.


Vehicle Safety Checks

Usually this is a short check under the vehicles bonnet, checking things like the location of the Oil’s dipstick or Tyre tread depth. It usually takes a few seconds. You can find resources on vehicle checking and maintenance on our YouTube page here and what you can expect to be asked with the test on the day of your practical. The examiner can ask you 2 out of a possible 19 questions. The examiner, cannot however, fail you out right on these questions.


The Driving Part of the Practical

This is the main part you have been taking your driving lessons for. You will be expected to demonstrate throughout your knowledge of the Highway Code and your general ability to control a motor vehicle. The test will involve around 45 minute driving demonstrating how to you handle the road generally, how to react to other road users, pedestrians, signs (Highway Code) and testing road hazards. You will be asked to demonstrate some of the maneuvers you will have been taught from your driving lessons. These may include things such as:

  • Reverse Parking
  • 3-point Turn
  • Reversing around a corner
  • Emergency Stop
  • Parallel Parking
  • Hill Starts

These are some examples above however, we cannot be sure as to which you may be asked to perform so you’re best to equip yourself in advance and make sure you’re confident enough when asked to demonstrate. We are experienced enough to help you be great at these maneuvers well before the test date!

There will be a part of the driving test where you can expect to drive freely without instruction, this is a time for you to demonstrate your own ability being in control of the vehicle.

After you have demonstrated all of the above you will eventually make your way back to the test center where you will be given your results. Hopefully with us it will be great news!!

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