Driving Lessons

We know that you want to learn to drive so you can have the freedom of traveling around without restriction. For this reason we can offer crash intensive courses to get you passed as quickly as possible. Of course we offer regular lessons that you can take in your own time too. Each course is tailored for your requirements and situation.

We also offer male and female driving instructors with many years experience. All of our cars are suited to new drivers and are fitted with air conditioning. We can pick you up from your place of work, school or college and drop you back where you need to be.

Our instructors cover everything that you need to know before you take your test. We cover all of the practical and theory you need to pass your driving test. Our driving instructors are all fully qualified and come highly recommended by our previous pupils.

Merseyside Driving Instruction

In order to pass your driving test we can tailor make a course that suits your needs to fit your experience/ability or by a time factor. Whatever method you select you can rest assured of the greatest quality tuition available.

Student Offers

If you are a student then www.driving-lessons-Liverpool.co.uk covers all of the local Universities including Hope, Liverpool and JMU Edge Hill and some of the surrounding Colleges/Universities. Call us today for the latest offers.

Driver’s Log Book

At www.driving-lessons-Liverpool.co.uk you will end up given a driver’s log book/progress sheet. This should help you keep track of the progress and supply an enduring record of the achievements. If you should need to change instructor for whatever reason your new instructor can also see at a glance exactly at what level you are at, Structured practice and training will better prepare you to drive friends, family and yourself. safely Also.

Mock test & Assessment

Whilst we understand learning to drive is a ‘learning’ process we think there should always be opportunities for our pupils to advance their knowledge when they are away from their lessons and their instructor. We can help you to develop in your own personal time with the use of ‘mock’ testing and theory based assessment. We do this with worksheets and DVD resources. These resources and methods have been tried and tested with great successes in the past, so we are confident you will find them helpful.
Usually we will get you started on assessment well before you are ready to even think about your theory test, this will leave you in good stead heading into your theory preparations. On the day of your exam we can offer you the best possible practical advice to approach your theory exam, leaving you with no doubts about what to expect.
If, however, for any reason you fail you theory, fear not, driving-lessons-liverpool.co.uk can get you booked in again in no time at all and push you further toward your practical exam.
If you pass your theory, which we would expect from our pupils then the fun really gets going. We can make plans for the latter stages of your driving experience and get you prepped and ready to take your practical exam. Again, we will aim to provide you with up to date information on the and before the day, up to date resources including possible routes taken on your test, DVD resources to help deal with what you can expect and take you on plenty of mock test runs provided we feel you are ready to do so.
When you do pass your practical exam, you’ll have the freedom of the road. We as a company will offer you post test courtesy and we can offer you tips, hints and tricks to make you feel more and more confident every time you use the road.

Manual or Automatic?

We usually offer a manual controls learning environment, however, we are perfectly fine to help you learn with an Automatic. We would like to specify that learning in a Automatic doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easier to drive. We think it’s all about the road not the car you learn in. We will get you past the post but learning to use the road is the real skill, this we can help you with. We recommend learning in a manual control car :)


Pass Plus

The Pass Plus scheme is set up by the driving standards agency in order for new learners to gain invaluable experience. You will receive knowledge building upon what you already know and giving you the chance to gain a recognised certificate that you can complete & send of to the DSA(driving standards agency) where you can potentially receive anything up to 30% off your driving insurance premiums.
Pass Plus will enable you to:
Drive around Town
Drive on UK Motorways
Dual carriageways
Rural roads
Drive in tough weather conditions
Other practical advice can be offered such as how to use Motorway Tolls and Car parks.

Intensive Courses

Intensive Driving Courses, are intended to be used by pupils who have less time on their hands and or have taken lessons in the past or even failed their test elsewhere but would like to pass their test in the shortest time possible. We have a great reputation when it comes to tailored courses.
One day courses are usually reserved for those who who may have recently had the misfortune of failing their test. We can offer you a full days intensive learning picking up on what you feel you need to improve based on your test results i.e. minors occurred or outright failures.
You can expect around 7 to 8 hours of tuition on the one day course. Prices can be discussed with your instructor.
Week long courses are usually reserved for those who have never driven before, maybe have a fear of driving, don’t know what to expect, would like to gain a head start. You can expect a week long intensive course to last around 35 hours. Prices can be discussed with your instructor.

Extended tests

Extended tests are offered to those who have a court require them to retake a learner test or for disqualified drivers retake their test.
You can expect to be taken through the procedures needed for the driver to retake their test. This revised test will see the driver retake their theory test and practical driving test. We can help you with this process and get you driving again.
If you require this service the prices and requirements can be disscussed with your instructor.
Motorway refresher courses
We can offer motorway refresher courses for those of you who need a refresh of how to go about, plan and use uk motorways. We can offer this service to anybody, however, we usually reserve this for young students and the over 60’s. Prices can be discussed with your instructor.

Terms & Conditions

All our lessons are based on a 24 hour cancellation in where if you fail to let your instructor know you will not be able to make your scheduled lesson for whatever reason, you will be charged the full price of the driving lesson.

Refer a Friend

We operate a scheme where we can give you 10% back from your lessons if you refer a friend.


Areas Covered

We Cover, bootle, Maghull, Litherland, Anfield, Walton, Seaforth, Crosby, Fazakerley, Tuebrook, Croxteth, Norris Green, Old Swan, Huyton, Speke, Aigburth, Edgehill, Toxteth, Kensington, Clubmoor, Allerton, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Mossley Hill, Vauxhall, Stoneycroft, old Swan, Orell Park, West Derby, Wavertree, West Derby, Canning, Broadgreen, Grassendale, Dovecot, Dingle.